Lifetime and Places with Kenneth J Casey

This arctic adventure was filmed as events occurred by Kenneth ‘Ken’ J Casey with his trusty HI-8 video camera back in 1995. It’s rather an amazing feat that the camera survived the brutal environment of the Arctic. Ken kept his trusty camera warm inside his coat and brought a bunch of batteries with him, (no charging stations in the Arctic).

three North Pole Arctic Expedition videos

First Arctic video - North Pole

Duration: 39 Minutes 48 Seconds

For the first time ever you can view this fully edited version of the 1995 Arctic expedition adventure. It lets you see what this dangerous journey felt like. The spills, the chills,  triumphs and disappointments.

Second video - North Pole: Extended Version

Duration: 2 hours 5 Minutes 4 Seconds

The second video is an extended version of the first with limited editing that places you right in the thick of things as it happens. Immerse yourself in the adventure!

Third video - North Pole: The Interviews

Duration: 43 Minutes 52 Seconds

Last but certainly not least is the third video in this series; The North Pole – The Interviews. Where Ken interviews team leaders and teammates about their experiences during the expedition and what it felt like to be on an adventure of a lifetime. Get the inside scoop of what it’s like and what it takes to survive in the Arctic, to try to achieve the ultimate goal to be on top of the world at the North Pole.

Join Ken Casey of Novato CA (Marin County) as he shares his unique life narrative of adventure, philanthropic efforts and life lessons with you at